Fact Sheet


    • Questa needs its own law enforcement. The Taos County Sheriff’s Office is a good department, but it is short staffed and not local.
    • The drug and crime problem must be a priority. I will continue the coalition with Vida Del Norte to work with our youth to eliminate the drug, alcohol and tobacco problems that plague our community.


    • Additional business will generate gross receipt tax income for the Village of Questa.
    • We must finish building out the business park and add electricity and fiber optics for new businesses moving in.
    • We need job development through training in trades and vocational jobs to keep our youth interested in staying locally.


    • Critical infrastructure, such as roads and cell service must be improved.
    • Our water and road departments need more money and more employees.
    • Questa’s planning and zoning must be updated and managed by the Village and not through Taos County.
    • I am in favor of fixing La Cienega School. The old gym would make a great community center. However, we must have at least an estimate of the costs to fix the extensive damage before we can begin. The roof is missing in most of the school, and there is asbestos in the building.


    • The Vida Del Norte Coalition is a crucial tool for working with our youth to eliminate the drug, alcohol and tobacco problems that plague our community.
    • We must retore the use the existing Youth and Family Center for services to our youth.
    • I will advocate to build more infrastructure for our youth, such as the Skate Park and Rodeo Grounds.


  • I voted against the MOU with the Taos County Sheriff Office because the Council did not see the actual MOU when it came up for a vote.
  • I voted against the annual budget for five of the six years I have served on council because I did not agree with the way the money was being spent.

"Focused on Questa's Future"